Our roller shutters in Mellecey, near Chalon-sur-Saône

With ENTREPRISE PERROUX, you also have a wide selection of roller shutters.

They can be installed as a new feature, or a renovation of old ones.

Qualibat RGE (Environment Guarantor Admitted) certified: you benefit from tax credit and state aid for every energy-efficient works, according to the current laws.

Protect the Earth while saving money! We work around Mellecey, Chalou-sur-Saône, Le Creusot, to Beaune.

Our roller shutters advantages

Our roller shutters are made of adjustable blades that allow you to manage the light in your room.

They present several advantages:

  • Easy to clean,
  • A wide choice of colours and shapes,
  • Very resistant to bad weather,
  • Excellent value for money,
  • Good insulation: they are equipped with thermal break and gaskets.


Closed, they protect you durably from the cold and noise pollution.

Volets roulants

Our roller shutters range

Our roller shutters are equipped with an anti-tear protection, anti-lift device and picking security. You are protected from vandalism, robbery and eyes of the outsiders.

For a creation or renovation, they perfectly go together with your walls.

They can roll up into an inside or outside trunk.

They are installed on your frontage (with a roll-up system above your window) or in a frame (the trunk with the blades are placed against the window or directly on the wall).

Our roller shutters are harmoniously integrated to your other wooden, PVC or aluminium joinery: verandas, bay windows, windows and French windows of all sizes.

They are equipped with manual control (crank or strap) or automated.

Our motorised roller shutters

  • They immediately stop if there is an obstacle
  • You can close your shutters without having to open our windows

A lot of motorisations are possible: grouped control, with position memory, wired or centralized control.

You have a number of shutters and you want to control their opening or closing thanks to your Smartphone or your tablet?


You like innovation? Choose our shutters that work on solar energy! Their opening and closing are controlled according to the sunshine and temperature.

We work with two main partners: